February 1th 2020 marks 20 year existence of JMW architects!

We are happy to be able to look back on the past twenty years filled with special and inspiring designs and assignments, which have been made possible by various stakeholders.

JMW architects was founded after winning a design competition in 1999 by the BNA Central-Brabant. After officially branding as JMW in 2000, the winning design was realized and delivered in Tilburg called Pius X in 2003!

In the past twenty years many things happened, from moving the office over three times and surviving the crisis. The coming years JMW is seeing an increase in assignments and currently has ten dedicated and passionate employees working under its office.

2020 is already looking promising, starting with moving to a new office and already new challenges waiting ahead of us. This growth wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and collaboration with our stakeholders. We are eagerly looking forward to the rest of 2020!

JMW Architecten