van Vlietstraat Nieuw-Lekkerland

Opdrachtgever Lek en Waard Wonen / Zwaluwe Bouw
Locatie Nieuw-Lekkerland
Jaartal 2020

Lek en Waard Wonen commissioned JMW architects to design 8 housesĀ  and 16 apartments for one- and two-person households on the van Vlietstraat in Nieuw Lekkerland. The current buildings on the 3635 m2 plot will make way for two-storey row-houses facing the street, with a two-storey apartment complex behind it.

The row houses on the van Vlietstraat are in line with adjacent and opposite row houses, while the apartments provide a diversity of housing typologies within the village. The two volumes are separated by a strip of private gardens for the houses, storage areas and a communal green space. On the southeast side of the plot, perpendicular to the van Vlietstraat, there is a parking street with room for a few garage boxes.


JMW Architecten